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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

How can I get free shipping?

Simply, you can get free shipping when you purchase products with 499 Saudi riyals or more and you will get complete free shipping on your

shipment, whether it is located inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in our warehouses around the world.

Moony14 offers the following shipping options, which may vary by item:

Regular shipping of products available inside Saudi Arabia: The products are expected to be delivered to you within 5-7 working days, which is the normal method in moony14 and does not require additional fees and without conditions.

Standard shipping for products available in global warehouses: The products are expected to be delivered to you within 15-20 days from the date of delivery of the items to the shipping company only for products available outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are usually around the world in our warehouses around the world, and this normal method

    without any additional fees or Terms.

Shipping within two days: Depending on the source of the item and the destination of shipment, shipping may be available for two days in certain regions. Your items are expected to be delivered within 2 business days after the items are shipped.

Expedited Shipping for Certain Products: Your items are expected to be delivered within 1 business day after the items have been shipped and picked up by the delivery company only for certain products.

Standard fast shipping for products available in international

warehouses:   also provides fast and standard shipping service for products outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to its warehouses around the world (US - Korea - Hong Kong - Europe) within 7-10 days after shipping companies deliver your items . (Fees included.)


please note:

Business days do not usually include weekends, but Saturday deliveries may be made in specific ZIP codes.


Some items may not be eligible for 2-day or express shipping due to size, weight, quantities, delivery address, or seller restrictions.

Shipping fees for express shipping are calculated on a "per order" basis, including costs for shipping, order processing, item selection, and packaging, and will only apply to items using these shipping speeds.

If my shipments are less than 499 riyals?

There will be shipping charges based on the total value of your invoice as


-1If the purchases are less than 499 riyals, there will be a shipping and delivery fee of 20 riyals added to the total invoice, and this is considered a normal shipping fee (you will find above the delivery period for normal shipping)

For express shipping by using the fast track for international and domestic shipments, there will be an additional charge for the shipment (you will find above the delivery period for express shipping.)

Moony14 uses its own fleet to ship international and domestic products, or through major shipping companies such as (DHL, FedEx, Aramex, SMSA.)

When the customer receives the number of the consignment belonging

  to any shipping company, and this results in a delay in shipping, the customer has the right to enter the site of the trucking company, verify its shipment, and write to the trucking company.

What if I receive my shipment incomplete or wrong?

We will apologize to you first, and you have the full right. You will submit a ticket by mail to, write what happened with you, and you must add pictures with the request, and we will study the request within 48 hours and take the appropriate action, which is to exchange products and receive the products you have also Stock We will serve you as required only We want you to raise the assistance ticket,

  and   has full eligibility in the event that it is proven that the assistance ticket does not comply with the conditions by rejecting the request and closing the ticket.

What if I do not receive my paid shipment?



The shipments remain with the shipping company if you do not receive it for 5 days and if you do not receive your shipment for a reason outside your control or any other reason such as travel, busyness, we will serve you as well. The shipping service provider will re-ship it to our warehouses. We will store it for you for 7 days in warehouses with international specifications and we will communicate With you, if you want to recharge it, there will be an additional fee for shipping the shipment, to be paid in advance of 56 riyals, as well as other delivery fees.

What if my shipment is delayed?

If we do not achieve what we have mentioned and the shipment is delayed, you will receive a coupon of 25 riyals in your wallet for a period of 30 days, which you are entitled to use at any time and on specific products.